Inspiring Spaces: Treillage Interiors

Right now, I’m sprucing up several spaces at home (I promise you’ll see them all soon!) and the one I’m most excited about will feature a favorite embellishment—treillage. The ornate lattice work brings a garden conservatory-like feel to a room, not to mention an element of texture and depth. Whether applied in a traditional diamond-motif or something more complex, colorful or neutral, the finish imbues a space with a bit of romance. Here are some images inspiring my in-progress project. What’s your favorite look?

Photo credits (top to bottom, left to right): Margaux Interiors, Paul Garzotto, Victoria Pearson, Amanda Lindroth, Erik Kvalsvik, Shelley Johnstone Design, Laurey Glenn, Miami Viceroy, Ashley Whitaker, Eric Piasecki, Jessica Klewicki Glynn, Werner Straube.