The Pink Stripe Nursery

First of all, I want to say thank you. Thank you to a wonderful client for trusting a vision. Thank you to the Scout Guide for the gracious feature and to Leslee Mitchell for out of this world photos. 

Photos by Leslee Mitchell.

Design Trend: Add stitched banding to custom sofa

This trend lends itself to being both elegant and affordable while creating a unique piece that is all your own. It can turn a simple sofa into a stand out that unites a space through sophisticated and clean lines paired beautifully with organic and colorful spaces.


All images sourced through Pinterest. We want to give credit where credit is due. If original source is known, please contact us. 

AI Styles: Fall Dining Al Fresco

The start to fall is the perfect time to create an elegant and inviting outdoor dining experience. This tablescape is all about the little details. The green touches and warm wood tones allow for a beautiful transition from summer to fall. From the centerpiece of candles to the gold glow from above, this space invites all to come gather here. 


Photos by Paige Rumore and special thank you to Corzine for always keeping our tables in style.

Back to the Blog: Summer Round Up

This is a bit more personal, but I wanted to share a more intimate look into what we have been up to this summer and some sneak peeks into projects that we will share in greater detail in the months to come. The last couple of months I have abandoned all boundaries as my family life and work life merged together. Really long, hot days on job sites (we currently have 13 open projects, 2 of which are major renovations) and lots of weekend meetings and site visits with my daughters tagging along. I could not be more grateful for clients who understand and embrace my season of life. Cheers to a wonderful summer of work, family and parties!




Nashville Scout Guide event with Aero Bar.

Sarah Bartholomew Collection for Pottery Barn Collection.

Did I mention how hot it has been?!

Did I mention how hot it was this summer in Nashville?!

Design Trend: Tassel Trim

A trend that we are thrilled to see all over social media is decadent, fringy trim! This lavish trim adds texture to a room, and makes a plush sofa even more inviting, yet formal. This trim is sophistically paired with many different sofa fabrics, such as linens, cottons, and velvets. We love how various designers have used this trend, over the years, and hope you enjoy photos of our favorites, below!!

Artist Feature: William McLure

One artist, whose work we’ve admired and are big fans of is designer-turned-artist, William McLure. Check out our favorite photos of the Birmingham artist’s work, and see how we especially love how our friends at Parks & Lamb Interiors used a piece!

AI's Top Mirrors

Each of our vendors offer fabulous mirrors! I love utilizing these in various rooms, and wanted to share some of our favorite mirror options!

These to the trade items are available through Alexander Interiors. Email us for more information!

AI Styles: How To Style Shelves

One of the most common things people ask me is how to style their shelves, and my answer is always, “books!!” You can never have too many books, as they will neutralize décor, like picture frames and accessories. Books give your shelving a more sophisticated and polished look! I recommend grouping books together, horizontally, and using them to elevate frames and give varying heights and interest. I also love the rule of thumb that shelves should be 70% books and 30% accessories. Here’s a video below of how we styled a shelf for a client, and a close-up photo of how we styled another client’s shelf!

Top Table Lamps

At Alexander Interiors, we scour each outlet and get to know every vendor we meet, for fabulous table lamps, in order to curate options for our client’s taste and needs. I wanted to share some of our favorite table lamps!

These trade only lamps are available for purchase through Alexander Interiors. Email for more details. Lamp 1 $575.00, Lamp 2 $250.00, Lamp 3 $539.00, Lamp 4 $378.00, Lamp 5 $372.50, Lamp 6 $308.00, Lamp 7 $698.00, Lamp 8 $591.00, Lamp 9 $641.00, Lamp 10 $950.00

Design Trends: Chinoiserie Chic

Here’s a design classic that we’re thrilled to see sweeping Instagram by storm! Chinoiserie is a fabulous option for wallpaper, but it can be rather pricey. One option to get the look for less, is by hanging individual panels, rather than wallpapering an entire room. Framing wallpaper, like art, allows you to achieve the luxurious look of chinoiserie covered walls. Below we've put together galleries of chinoiserie covered walls and our favorite panels for clients. Check out "looks for less" below!

Looks for less can always be found at Horchow, One King's Lane, and many other online vendors! For inquiries about our vendors' chinoiserie wallpapers and fabrics, email us at