Shop Talk: Lovely Mother's Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. This sweet holiday is a wonderful time to celebrate, yes, your mama and grandmama. But also all the other special women in your life. (Sisters, aunts, life-long friends, I’m looking at you!) Today, I’m sharing six easy, totally charming gifts. They’re stylish, timeless, and, best of all, products from female founded and run companies. Here’s what I’m planning to give—and maybe even get—this Mother’s Day!

1. LAKE Pajamas. Super-soft pima cotton is hard to beat. Also, available in Mommy & Me styles! $114;

2. Dixie Design Note Cards. Timeless blue and white stationery, with a touch of whimsy. From $32;

3. Lizze Love Paintings. Stunning, original artwork at an equally beautiful price point. From $150;

4.Weezie Towels. Because there is nothing more elegant than a monogrammed hand towel. $40 for pair;

5. Biscuit Home Tin Plates. Classic china patterns, such as the Tobacco Leaf show here, in a picnic-ready (read shatter proof) tin. $12 each;

6. Susan Gordon Pottery Earrings. This new Leaf-and-Pod design is as delicate and striking as the rest of the Alabama artisan’s work. $48;

Inspiring Spaces: Going Green

Pinch me, it’s spring break! Before I sign-off for fun and sun with two very special little girls, I thought I’d pop-in for a bit of green eye candy in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. Back in January, I predicted green would be a big color trend for 2019. So far, I’ve been right on the (green) money. Not only have clients been flocking to the verdant shade, but I’m also slowly but surely incorporating it into every room in my own home. Why? It’s one of the few colors that can feel both energizing and calming. Not to mention play nice with every other color in the rainbow. See below for some inspiration from my flurry of green projects. Aren’t we lucky this color is having a moment? 

The Scout Guide, Volume 7

You know I love being part of the incredible creative community that spans Nashville & Franklin. And nothing shows off that community better than The Scout Guide! Tonight I’m headed to the launch party for Volume 7 (how have there already been 7?!). I could not be more proud to be included in this wonderfully curated showcase of designers, artists, and more. See below for a sneak peek of my feature and pick up your copy of the new issue today!